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heart of character summer institute!

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

What an inspiring workshop!!!! The @NCAIS / Heart of Character @heartocharacter Summer Institute has gathered so many amazing educators. David Streight (above), Tom Lickona, and Tim Leet all shared deep insights about #SEL and #charactered. They even let me tell "One School's Story," the story of my work as Head of Upper School at St. Martin's from 2008-2016.

Several teachers have also shared stories of transforming their classrooms and schools to meet student and teacher needs for Autonomy, Belonging, and Competence. Heart of Character's work is all centered around Self Determination Theory (@SDT). I've learned about promises teachers can make to meet the expectations of their students, ways to infuse daily high school life with relationship-building rituals and #stuvoice, and the difference between #charactered and #SEL. The thing is, school culture teaches character. It's not about lesson plans; it's about the community you're in and how it functions.

You should seriously consider attending anything @heartocharacter hosts. This is the REAL DEAL: REAL classroom and whole school techniques to promote a culture of learning and caring. REAL professional bonding. REAL success stories. If you want to do some professional development that inspires and ignites you to go home and be a positive presence for your students and colleagues, anything Heart of Character hosts is spot on. So glad I did it! Cheers!!!

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